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Cleaning Services

Best Deep Cleaning Service in Sharjah for your household and commercial chores.


Pest Control

A Pest Control Solution for Every house, villa  and businesses in sharjah.


Termite Control

Municipality approved professionals will clear all pests from your  Home or Business.

General Services

AC Repair, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, Window Cleaning, and more..

Al Haibah BLDG. Cleaning & Pest Control

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We provide a comprehensive range of Cleaning Services, Pest Management, manpower supply and specialized solutions for a wide variety of sectors. Our ability and capacity to customize cleaning and staffing plans based on the unique requirements of each industry make us the preferred choice for our clients.

The Best Pest Control Services in Sharjah

Pest Control & Cleaning Services Sharjah

TBC Pest Control services is a UAE based company providing solutions for all kind of pest control and cleaning works. We concentrate mainly on Pest Control for Public Health by creating a Pest free environment and Hygienic surroundings. We provide Professional Pest Control custom solutions using our enormous experience in this field. We will be implementing the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which the U.A.E has recently begun to adopt, with regards to pest control operations.


Pest Control Services Key Area in Sharjah

Pest control service provider experts is just a call away! Don’t Wait! Get in touch now! We provide genuine pest control service in all over Sharjah and UAE

Disinfection Services Sharjah.

Sanitize and disinfect your home and office in UAE

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus, also know as COVID-19, has made it vital to take the necessary actions to keep our homes healthy, and at Al Haibah BLDG. Cleaning & Pest Control it has become our duty to ensure that you and your home gets the best treatment it needs to keep you and your family safe.

Although it is highly important to take the recommended prevention steps such as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly, your home also requires disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and floors.

At Al Haibah BLDG. Cleaning & Pest Control we offer complete disinfection and sanitization of your home to remove all harmful bacterial and viral germs from all surfaces.


Our  Disinfection Misting Service offers protection from the virus that causes COVID-19, other types of viruses, and bacteria.

Homeowners and businesses rely on TBC for expert sanitization of their properties. Here’s what you can expect from your Al Haibah home sanitization service:


Convenient Quotes

Call us at +971 50 287 7001 for a free, no-obligation estimate on our Disinfection Misting Service for your home—no inspection is required.


One-time or Recurring Service

You can choose from a single treatment or schedule recurring service for ongoing, long-term protection, and pricing is customized to your home’s square footage.

Complete Coverage

Service includes disinfectant application with our spray mist and wipe-downs of hard surfaces in your home. Misting allows us to quickly disinfect even large areas.

Minimal Preparation

Getting ready is simple and we will provide you with clear instructions on a few steps you need to take. You, your family and your pets can re-enter after just two hours.

So far, we have been able to disinfect multiple homes, offices, warehouses, labor camps and helped over 200,000 square feet get disinfected and sanitized. We feel it’s our duty to help thousands of more homes & offices and contribute to helping during the current scenarios the world is facing. We would not rest till we make it happen.

Workplace sanitization


We understand the importance of healthy living/work surroundings and being a specialized technical cleaning company, we provide environmentally safe solutions to ensure your well-being. We put quality first and our highly experienced team of certified & trained technicians enables a safety shield to make sure You’re Protected. 

We provide disinfection through electrostatic disinfection technology approved and ISO certified that meets the European standards of quality.

Looking for top-rated Sharjah Municipality Approved Disinfection Companies ?

So far, we have been able to disinfect multiple homes, offices, warehouses, labor camps and helped over 200,000 square feet get disinfected and sanitized. We feel it’s our duty to help thousands of more homes & offices and contribute to helping during the current scenarios the world is facing. 

Safe For All Surfaces

Our disinfectant can be used on walls, floors, equipment and more.

Penetrates Throughout Your Property

The mist’s fine particles can reach even inaccessible areas of your home.

Environmentally Friendly Ingredients

The disinfectant’s ingredients naturally degrade over time.


Research shows the disinfectant kills pathogens in just seconds.

With a team of certified & skilled technicians we provide a cleaning solution using industrial grade equipment & bio friendly approved chemicals. We are registered with the various Municipalities and operating in Free Zones as well.

If you have any need for our Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services or just need advice please call us at


Best Sanitizing Company in Sharjah, U.A.E

Al Haibah BLDG. Cleaning & Pest Control cares for people. We aim at making people’s lives easier and better. Amidst the current times and scenarios, it is our responsibility to help people keep their homes and offices hygienic and healthy. Ensure your health and wellbeing by getting the medical strength disinfection and sanitization done by us. Eliminate all the Allergens, bacteria, viruses, human coronavirus, germs in your home or workplace with Al Haibah BLDG. Cleaning & Pest Control Disinfection. 


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